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Auteuraluminium awning for window supplier

  Posté : 10-09-2018 04:11

Top Quality extruded aluminum sections are made from 6060 and 6063 alloy composition, in order to fulfill system requirements and suitable for anodizing or painting with 10 years and 15 years warranty.
Awning type sashes are fitted with heavy duty corrosion resistant chain winders with 304 stainless steel chains as standard.
The system can integrate glazed used from 6 mm to 30 mm thick glass. Glass blocking must be done through internal/external gaskets in EPDM. The possible infiltration water must be drained outwards, as in the system.
High performance
This awning window has been successfully tested for compliance with AS 2047.
Optional sash and mullion strengths cover a large variety of design wind load areas for this residential awning window.
Water resistance rating of 450Pa allows this awning window to be used in most exposed locations in Australia.aluminium awning for window supplier

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