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  Posté : 16-09-2019 07:22

injection molding products
Product Description
PC (polycarbonate) injection molding products
The highest impact strength, stable size, heat resistance of 130 ℃ or more, high gloss and transparency, transmittance of about 90%, non-toxic. High processing temperature, stress after molding, moisture absorption, non-wear resistance, fatigue resistance.
Used in food containers, optical discs, lenses, home appliances, optical instruments, etc.
Used for some oil-tank panels, drying racks, electronic oil-transparent transparent covers, etc.;
Condition: (different depending on the proportion of fiber added) 1. Mold-temperature: 80 ℃ to 100 ℃ 2. Dry-conditions: 100 ℃ to 120 ℃ for about 4-hours. 3. Material tube-temp: 250 ℃ to 300 ℃ 4. Heatdistortion: ~130 ℃; 5. Mold-shrinkage-rate: 0.5%-0.7% The fluidity of PC material increases with temp, due to temp regulation in forming The proportion of the upper part is large.
enhanced flame retardant, anti-oxidation, weather resistance, etc.;
POM : (polyformaldehyde) injection molding products
Decomposed after severe glare, please pay attention to exhaust when using. Poor flame resistance, acid resistance, oil, etc., poor surface treatment, mainly used in automobiles, gears, sprayers, precision electronics, etc.
Application: three-tube eccentric peach. Bushing, Auchan turntable, etc.;
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