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AuteurPatient Belonging Bag (Rigid handle)

  Posté : 01-08-2019 05:18

Material: Patient Belonging Bag (Rigid handle) is made with virgin ice bag price.


1. Customer required specification of Patient Belonging Bag (Draw tape bags)

2. An easy-to-use snap-locking loop handle keeps the personal belongings bag securely closed.

3. Heavy weight material for tear resistance and durability

4. With feature space for the patient’s name and room number on Patient Belonging Bag (Rigid handle).

5. Available for transparent, white, or hospital brand color.

6. Customer logo can be printed on Patient Belonging Bag (Rigid handle).

7. Patient Belonging Bag (Rigid handle) passed FDA approval.

8. Leyi factory pass the ISO 9001 & 14001, and BV social compliance audit.

9. Customization order of draw tape bags (Rigid handle) is acceptable


1. 250 pieces of Patient Belonging Bag (Rigid handle) per case

2. Standard exportation carton. Shipping cartons are printed “Patient Belongings Bag” in addition to bar code/UPC number, specification information and garbage bags manufacturer more.

3. Custom packing is acceptable

Capacity: 40-50 20 feet containers per month.

Leyi Plastic products Co., Ltd is actively the leading manufacturer and professional poly bags provider to thousands of consumers worldwide.

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